"Everyone has a dream machine, but many never realize it. Your dream machine is your mind. Whether you are conscious of it or not, with every thought, you are creating your life—why not create the life you desire?"
— Jane Willhite

Imagine you are given the gift of a "dream machine," something that creates whatever you desire. With this machine you can manifest new opportunities, fulfilling relationships, better health, a beautiful home, a thriving business—literally whatever you want. If this machine were given to you, what would YOU dream up?

Guess what? You already have it.

Your dream machine is your mind.

In this much-anticipated book, Jane Willhite, co-founder of Personal Success Institute (PSI), the leading authority and pioneer in human potential training for the past 35 years, presents true stories of PSI Seminars graduates who unlocked the key to realizing their dreams and created the life they imagined.

Rooted in Napoleon Hill's philosophy "to think is to create," Your Dream Machine will inspire you to make life happen for you, rather than let life happen to you. In this book 32 inspiring leaders share how they harnessed the power of the mind to design their lives, and how you can follow their example and experience a life limited only by your imagination!

From the introduction by Bob Proctor, world-class speaker, star of The Secret and author of the bestselling book, You Were Born Rich:

"The Wright brothers did not know how they were going to get the plane in the air, they only knew they would. Edison did not know how he was going to illuminate the world, but he did. Dr. Warner Van Braun didn't know how he was going to put a man on the moon; he just knew he would. You don't know how you're going to get everything you write on your list, the only prerequisite is that you want to be, do or have it. Your age, gender, education, background, has absolutely no bearing on you turning your dreams into reality."

As Jane says, "Where the mind goes, the body follows." Your bright, brilliant future begins with your mind.

And your journey of the mind begins when you read this book.

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FREE Gifts from Jane Willhite

As a special free gift, I would like to offer you a wonderful book created so that people all over the world could learn from the wisdom shared by my late husband Thomas Willhite, co-founder of PSI World Seminars: Thomas Willhite's Motorcycle Training Course.

Do not be fooled by the title! Like all great teachers, Tom used real-life analogies to teach important life lessons. When he taught people how to ride a motorcycle, it was clear to all of his students that he was not only teaching them how to ride, but how to live lives of purpose and accomplishment.

Fortunately, his students took the time to write it all down. These 123 lessons are the key values of PSI World Seminars. It doesn't matter if you ever ride a motorcycle—or even want to ride a motorcycle. We know you will gain insights and inspiration from reading these lessons that will help you achieve every last one of your dreams.

We are grateful to Tom's students for preserving and sharing his life lessons so that we could create this book. The novel The Golden Motorcycle Gang by Jack Canfield and William Gladstone was the inspiration for publishing Thomas Willhite's Motorcycle Training Course. If you have not read it yet, we hope you will obtain a copy, as Canfield and Gladstone depict, in a more dramatic way, the timeless wisdom contained in Tom's teachings.

Love & Success

Jane C. Willhite



FREE Gifts from Jason Diebold

Jason Diebold has been a successful fitness coach for 5 years and is considered the primary resource when it comes to team-building advice and design. During this time Jason built an organization of over 10,000 teammates, earning himself an income of over $50,000 a month. He is the 18th person in his company to become a million-dollar earner. Jason has created an amazing life for himself through personal development and is a positive ally when it comes to helping others do the same.

Gift #1: "Fitness, Business, and Emotional Enhancement"
During these three individual teleseminars, Jason will teach you the strategies he uses to live a well-balanced and successful life in the areas of fitness, business, and emotion.
Value: $150.00

Gift #2: 4-Pack Sampler
The first 24 people to register will receive a 4-pack sampler of the superfood meal replacement shake called Shakeology touted as the healthiest meal of the day!
Value: $20.00

Gift #3: Health and Fitness Booster Pack
One lucky registrant will be selected as the winner of a fitness program of their choice and a 1-month supply of Shakeology.
Value: $250.00

Gift #4: 1-1 Coaching with Jason
The first 3 people registrants will receive a customized 60-minute personal coaching call with Jason to discuss his proven strategies for fitness, business, and emotional success.
Value: $150.00



FREE Gifts from Alison Bechtel

Use the Power of Leverage to Get More Done, Have More Fun and Gain Bigger Results!

Sick of having a mile long to-do list and being stressed out about it? Alison can relate to this problem and even developed a system to overcome it. Alison owns and operates a successful realty company out of Phoenix, AZ, but her top priority is staying present and raising her young and busy family.

Through developing this system to "do it all" she realized her passion for teaching others to do the same. Alison most recently started a new company and website titled "Supermom CEO" to teach working mothers how to focus on their strengths, use the power of leverage and develop win-win situations to maintain a healthy balance in life.

Gift #1: 5 Simple Steps to Live a Balanced Life!
This refreshing eBook walks you through 5 steps to achieve more balance in your life by focusing on your strengths.
Value: $29.00

Gift #2: "The Power of Leverage"
Alison is constantly asked, "How do you get it all done?!" On this exclusive webinar, learn her top tips to do less and create more results!
Value: $97.00

Gift #3: A complimentary one hour, 1-1 coaching session with Alison
For the first 5 people to register.
Value: $225.00



FREE Gifts from Shawn Davison

A Liaison between Concept and Reality

Shawn Robin Davison is a serial software & technology entrepreneur. The software he has architected is being used by millions of people around the world everyday. His specialty is in new product design and delivery with many years of experience in building great teams that deliver a high-value product. His current focus is in Mobile Product Strategy and Cloud Integration.

Shawn loves to translate business and consumer needs into great products that make a positive impact on people's lives. He is an expert at turning ideas into reality. For a limited time, you have the opportunity to connect with Shawn and get expert advice on how to take your idea from concept to reality.

Gift #1: 1-hour "Mobile Strategy" Consultation for the first 5 to register
Join Shawn for a complimentary strategy session on how you can effectively leverage Mobile Technology in your business today. What is the most cost effective strategy for your business needs? What matters most when selecting the solution or technology? What are the pitfalls to avoid?
Value: $250.00

Gift #2: 90-minute Interactive Business Idea/Plan Review (for 3 selected registrants)
Register to be considered for a 90-minute interactive Business Idea/Plan Review with Shawn. Get direct feedback and advice on how to take your idea or business to the next level.
Value: $500.00



FREE Gifts from Terri Wilber

Bring Your Vision to the World!

Terri Wilber is a manifestation and implementation specialist. She uses her intuitive talents in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and hypnotherapy to guide you in identifying your life's purpose and taking specific, focused action to bring your dreams to fruition.

Terri brings her unique combination of passion, laser beam insight and huge heart to uncover and release blocks in your path, allowing for free flowing, positive energy to fast track you to your end goal. Through guided meditation, you will make different choices and literally create your life by your design.

Gift #1: Relaxation for Cleansing, Balance & Abundance
Receive guided meditation via audio download to cleanse your soul from past disappointments, refocus your energy and attention to the present, and the power you have to manifest your heart's desire. 
Value: $47.00

Gift #2: Journey to Your Inner Power
Join Terri for a complementary remote session via one-on-one teleconference to experience the first step of uncovering your true passion. If you know your life's work, explore new ways of expanding yourself to create an action plan to bring your vision to the world. 
Value: $150.00



FREE Gifts from Jennifer Singer

Are you ready to create the lifestyle you deserve?

Jennifer Singer is a Life Success Coach. With a background as a Fitness professional for the past 20 years. She knows first-hand the challenges of living a full and healthy life through her experiences of being a single mom of two, running a business, volunteering and staying fit. Jennifer is passionate about discovering alternative ways to achieve ultimate wellness and for helping others, especially other small business owners and fitness professionals. Jennifer is dedicated to guide others to discover their way to ultimate abundance including financial, physical, personal, and emotional health.

Gift 1: Take 72 Steps to Ultimate Abundance and Never Look Back!
This simple tool is designed for daily use to keep you on track with your goals. Watch your life transform!
Value: $49.00

Gift 2: Jen's ‘FRENS' Wheel of Ultimate Abundance "Video download"
Have you ever felt stuck in your life? Do you feel unbalanced in certain areas of your life?
Watch here to find some valuable tools for your "tool box of life".
Value: $49.00

Gift 3: A one-on-one coaching session with Jennifer
Available only for the first 10 to register manifest your life of Ultimate Abundance.
Value: $199.00



FREE Gifts from Giji Galang

Embrace a Passion for Smiles. Smiling is an incredibly important part of our lives.

Learn how to develop a genuine, infectious smile that can create more joy in your life NOW! Smiles make you feel good. It will trick your mind into feeling better, as endorphins are released to reduce physical or emotional stress!

Giji Galang is a homeschooling mother of 3, a truly passionate photography business owner, an inventor and also now a published author. Giji is also the inventor of Smile Pals, digital camera accessories to aid in making both young and not so young naturally smile.

Would you enjoy creating that fun, fresh, real feeling in your images? Are you ready for the support you need with getting the best photo that captures those candid personalities? Giji's.bonus video gifts will help you on your way.

Gift #1: 7 Steps to capturing your life's most joyful moments
Value: $25.00

Gift #2: 7 steps to capturing that creatively candid personality in kids and adults
Value: $25.00

Gift #3: Be inspired to incorporate your own dream machine in your own journey.
Learn the steps Giji took to create this life of joy and thrive through her experiences. 
Value: $ 150.00



FREE Gifts from Ed & Betty Coda

Edward T. Coda, CFP, MBA, of Coda Financial Group has served more than 40 successful years in the financial industry. Specializing in customized investment, tax, and estate planning strategies, Ed works to educate business owners, non-profit organizations, and individuals and builds their comprehensive financial plan.

Ed believes that money success must be matched with life success. He and his wife Betty have co-authored the #1 bestselling book Passionate Parent Passionate Couple. It makes no sense to accumulate wealth if you destroy your relationships along the way. Their book shares inspiring practical concepts at the heart of helping people ensure a fulfilling life.

Gift #1: A confidential and comprehensive financial plan
A failure to plan is a plan to fail. To the first 5 people who register, you will receive a confidential financial assessment (with no further obligation). Set yourself on a course to financial freedom today!
Value: $1,500.00

Gift #2: A chapter from Passionate Parent Passionate Couple + "Why the leading cause of divorce is a good marriage!" Teleseminar
In their 30+ years experience working with married couples, Ed and Betty have found that one of the greatest sins is "settling down" and getting married. To have a permanent lifelong love affair, your marriage must always be vibrant and exciting. Learn the decisions which will make or break a marriage. 
Value: $97.00



FREE Gifts from Kimberly O'Connor

Kimberly O'Connor, BS, MBA is an expert in training individuals to discover their true power as dynamic leaders. She has served more than 25 years as a manager, mentor and coach in finance organizations across a variety of industries.

Her company Level 7 Leadership is dedicated to serving executives and supporting organizations to create high energy individuals, teams and cultures. With her vast experience in the corporate world and personal insight, Kimberly can be a success partner for you to start the journey of discovering your true power as a leader.

Gift #1: "You have all the Answers" centering exercise
This calming audio exercise will allow you to be in the sacred space in which you can receive answers to your questions. After, you will feel invigorated and ready to take action in your life.
Value: $25.00

Gift #2: "Who's Really in Charge Here?" audio training
During this talk, Kimberly explores when our core beliefs and values are created. Walk away evaluating your current belief systems with a renewed, insightful perspective.
Value: $50.00

Gift #3: Breakthrough Laser Coaching Session with Kimberly
Experience a powerful 15-minute coaching session focused on a situation in which you feel stuck. Offer limited to first 15.
Value: $125.00

Gift #4: One-Hour Intensive Coaching Session with Kimberly
Explore what you truly desire in life and experience firsthand the benefits and power of coaching. Offer limited to first 10.
Value: $500.00



FREE Gifts from Cath Byrne

Catherine Byrne, Ph.D., is a successful counselor, mediator and social psychologist who knows on a deep level that "all human beings matter." Growing up as a young child in South Africa in the midst of apartheid, Cath became acutely aware of how a sense of separation between human beings can be cultivated through legal, cultural and social norms. Listen as Cath talks about how she came to learn and know ONENESS.

Cath currently works as a Consultant and Vice President of Trinity Source Group, Inc., an environmental consulting company she co-owns with her husband David Reinsma. Her most recent joy is working as a distributor for Lifemax®, a company that distributes Mila®, known as The Miracle Seed.

Gift #1: "Remember Our ONENESS" Video – Watch as Cath is interviewed about her upbringing in South Africa during apartheid and how she learnt that all human beings matter – even when the law says they don't!

Gift #2: The Gift of Wellness, "Our Bodies Are Sacred" – Cath encourages total health and wellness. 2 registrants will receive a one month's supply of Mila® – an amazing whole raw food packed with plant-based Omega 3s, antioxidants, phytonutrients, protein and fiber!

Gift #3: 1 hour individual coaching call with Cath – Having a conflict with someone that just won't budge? 3 registrants will be entitled to a 1-hour coaching call on how and why both deep listening and mediation work.

Value: $250.00



FREE Gifts from Kathy Riggs

Kathy Riggs is an expert business development strategist. She has been a key part of several multi-million dollar businesses in the corporate IT sector. Now for the first time, Kathy combines her business planning techniques, education and tools to prepare authentic, new business entrepreneurs for ultimate success!

Gift #1: "What Your Business Needs to Succeed" 90-minute Webinar - Join Kathy as she trains you on exactly how to develop your own business plan to create real results in your business. Understanding how to put the right information together and construct a plan is one of the toughest, yet most important pieces of setting up a new business for success. 
Value: $150.00

Gift #2: Kathy's "Winning Business Plan Template" - This detailed "step by step" template is full of educational content. It addresses what to consider plus shows you the critical components to build an effective business plan. 
Value $300.00

Gift #3: "How to Use Your Consciousness to Create Your Dreams!" - Gain access to this powerful quarterly webinar series taught by Kathy's spiritual life coach Lynn Rodden. These invaluable courses will transform your life, creating ease and authenticity in every area of your life. 
Value: $525.00



FREE Gifts from David Reinsma

Do you want to start your own business? What is holding you back from doing it?

David Reinsma is the owner and president of an environmental consulting company, Trinity Source Group, Inc., and has been a successful small business owner for the past 18 years. He recently started another business through Lifemax®; the distributors of the amazing whole raw food MILA® which is high in plant-based Omega 3s.

David's biggest passion lies in helping people realize their dream of starting their own business. David has provided business startup support to many successful startups including a Silicon Valley software development company and an international seismic and fault analysis consulting company working for corporations and governments around the world.

Gift #1: "How to Overcome the Roadblocks of Starting Your Own Business"
Join David for an informative webinar on the key considerations you'll want to look at when starting your own business. 
Value $200.00

Gift #2: Complimentary 60-minute, 1-1 Coaching Session
For the first three to register, you will be invited to connect with David to discuss your business concept and identify the support system needed for its success. 
Value $180.00

Gift #3: Supercharge Your Body and Mind for Success!
Investing in your health is critical to your success. David offers two lucky registrants, a one month supply of MILA®.
Value $55.00



FREE Gifts from Gabriel DiCristofaro

Cultivate Your Love Life - Learn How to Meet Your Mr. Right!

In 2010, dating coach, Gabriel Dicristofaro put his social dynamics knowledge to work to teach single women how to present themselves, flirt, meet better men, and plant the social seeds that could lead to more successful relationships with quality, available men.

Gabriel's signature workshops, Inviting Mr. Right, are designed teach women how to attract the right kind of man with refined social behavior and clear body language.

Gift #1: "Men Approach Less" Audio
Gain access to this eye-opening section of Gabriel's How to Invite Mr. Right course. Finally understand the unique way many modern men behave towards women they're interested in.

Gift #2: "Types of Men" Audio
Gabriel walks you through how many good men are out there, what type of men to avoid and why to watch out for them.

Gift #3: "3 Steps to Setting up the First Date" Teleseminar
Learn the gems and blunders behind setting up the first date in this 1-hour teleseminar.

Gift #4: Gabriel's "Live Q & A" Webinar
Should you approach men? Learn why not! Social behavior signals say so much. Are you aware of yours? Join Gabriel in this energizing 1-hour webinar of guided Q & A.

Total Value: $147.00



FREE Gifts from Dr. Curtis Takemoto-Gentile

Curtis Takemoto-Gentile, M.D., is a Family Physician who has integrated alternative medicine as part of his private practice in Honolulu, Hawaii. Dr. Takemoto-Gentile has over ten years of experience as an alternative doctor and has treated over 6,000 patients. He has successfully treated numerous chronic conditions such as IBS, migraines, chronic fatigue syndrome, autism (ASD), ADD/ADHD, using alternative methods.

Gift #1: Chapter 1, "Food Allergies," from Dr. Takemoto-Gentile's book, Optimal Health Naturally: What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You and Your Mother Didn't Know
Optimal Health Naturally will educate you on a range of common dis-eases and serves as a great reference book for natural healing methods. Chapter 1 will open your eyes to the healing of chronic conditions.

Gift #2: 30-minute Consultation for the first 5 to register
Value: $250.00



FREE Gifts from Operine Banton BA, MA, RCC

Operine is a psychotherapist and expert in assisting men, women, couples, families and children to find their path to love, peace and happiness. We can all relate to experiencing extreme challenge in our lives, where we feel that happiness seems an unattainable goal. Yet what may seem out of reach has been there all along. Operine knows that gaining joy is a matter of reaching inward and trusting the inner strength of our Spirit to find it.

Operine is a representative of love, peace and happiness and she proudly extends that to each person she interacts with. Let her share her 30+ years of experience with you so you can take the same inward journey to love, peace and happiness.

Gift #1: Five Keys to the getting your 'limited self' out of the way
Operine offers a powerful 30-minute video training designed to remove your limiting beliefs and actions which hold you back from living the life you ultimately want.
Value: $30.00

Gift #2: Operine's article collection
Gain access to 6 energizing articles which includes training on the art of winning, living in the now and achieving your dreams.
Value: $30.00

Gift #3: A 30-minute counseling/coaching session with Operine to the first two to register
Value: $120.00



FREE Gifts from Séamus and Tina Murphy

Séamus (pronounced Shaymus) and Tina are successful entrepreneurs, business leaders, speakers and authors who enthusiastically believe their love story can happen to anyone with a dream and a list! This husband and wife team met shortly after writing a clear list of 'wants' to attract the man/woman of their dreams. They set their intention and found their perfect partner. Since then, they have built a company around this very concept that has helped singles and couples around the world!

Gift #1: "Listen to Your Heart and Let Your Mind Do the Writing" Audio Training
Get clear on what you really want in a relationship. Learn Séamus and Tina's tips on what worked, what didn't work and how you can do it better.

Gift #2: "What do you want? The inspiring game of connections"
Play this mini-version of the original game with your best friends or potential partners and start writing (or refining) your list now!

Gift #3: "Hone in on the Qualities, Traits, Talents, Desires and Dreams of That Special Someone" Training Teleseminar
Let Séamus and Tina help you develop and define your list of non-negotiable and negotiable items. You'll answer extraordinary and some never-before-asked questions to inspire you to write it all down. Be true to yourself and list what you really want. You'll be amazed at what you attract!

Value: $175.00



FREE Gifts from Amber Ludwig

Amber Ludwig is an online platform development expert who supports authors, speakers and entrepreneurs to establish a powerful, integrated online presence that gets results and empowers them to make a difference in their industry. She has worked with more than 400 authors on six continents.

Working one-on-one with each client, Amber has created more than 150 websites. She works with clients to build a strong, branded social media presence, coaches each client on which manageable actions will help them achieve their online goals and then walks them through exactly how to do it.

Gift #1: Share My Message! 7 Key Steps to Social Media Integration
In this 23-page training guide, learn the tools Amber uses to gain a solid following on social networks. Also learn how to effectively brand and execute Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
Value: $47.00

Gift #2: Talking Back to Your Inner Critic (eBook and audio .mp3 file)
Your Inner Critic is the voice telling you you're inadequate, unworthy and unable to achieve your dreams. We all experience this and Amber has created a simple 3-step process to prove your Inner Critic wrong and hit any goal you wish.
Value: $47.00

Gift #3: A Simple Guide for Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
This Guide helps provide website owners an understanding how to get webpages and blog posts more exposure and readers, by leveraging the power of Google. 
Value: $47.00


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